Comedy Nights Bachao with IPL Female Anchors & Vinod Kambli 25 June Episode, Performance

Watch Complete Episode of Comedy Nights Bachao with Hot IPL Anchors Archana Vijaya, Shonali Nagrani, Shibani Dandekar and Vinod Kambli Written Episode

Comedy Nights Bachao has become the most popular comedy show where guests are welcomed but in a different way. It is a show of its kind where the celebrities enjoy the jokes but surprisingly the jokes which they are appreciating are actually made on them. And this weekend the team will be welcoming the gorgeous ladies like Archana Vijaya, Shonali Nagrani, Shibani Dandekar and a new entry to the team Pallavi Sharda who anchor the extra innings of IPL. This girl gang will get along with former cricketer Vinod Kambli. So this time its going to be cricket, anchoring and a lot a laughter.

Comedy Nights Bachao 25 June- Hot IPL Anchors and Vinod Kambli 2016_6$largeimg118_Jun_2016_173353900gallery

The stage of Comedy Night Bachao will be set on fire this weekend as four gorgeous and utterly hot anchors of IPL- Shonali Nagrani, Archana Vijaya, Pallavi Sharda and Shibani Dandekar are ready to get roasted by the finest standup comedians on Indian television. And the cache of the episode is cricketer Vinod Kambli who will be accompanying these lovey ladies. Kambli doesn’t fit into the frame and so his entry will be trolled by Krishna by saying that it looked like a train driver leading a “maal gaadi.” Also Vinod Kambli will be shaking his leg with the beautiful Shonali Nagrani.

Comedy Nights Bachao Sudesh, Bharti Act- Sudesh Trolls Every Guest

While Vinod Kambli and Shonali Nagrani will be taking on the hot seat with Archana Vijaya, its Sudesh and Bharti on the stage who will be roasting the trio by giving a humorous justification of their act. According to Sudesh whenever singers come to their show they enact like singers and when they welcome dancers as their guests they become dancers but today they have become beggars in their act because… and we all know the answer. The sarcastic comment made by Sudesh and Bharti on their guests will make even them to laugh out loud.

Comedy Nights Bachao Krishna, Karan And Shruti Act- Kambli Gets Trolled on Wicket Keeping Archana-Vijaya-IPL Shibani-Dandekar-IPL-7-2014-Photos-Pics-Wallpaper-2

Kambli will again be roasted when Krishna, Karan Wahi and Shruti Seth come up with their act. Karan will be complementing Vinod Kambli’s dedication towards cricket and say that the remaining people used to come for practice at 7 am but Vinod sir used to reach the ground by 4 to which Krishna interrupts and says mockingly that he does that because he has to cut the grass of the ground. Later Shruti mentions that she has seen Kambli sir doing wicket keeping and even shows it enacting, but here Krishna again cuts her and says that she noticed him sitting down in a posture like he is wicket keeping but she didn’t noticed the water mug beside him, and that he was getting fresh.

The drama and entertainment is going to be bang on. So be ready to go on a laughter riot with a crazy group of people who will make your weekend fun filled by tuning in to Colors channel, on 25th June at 10 PM on Colors. Watch it Online! 🙂

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