Watch Online MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3 Written Updates, New Queen Task 25 June

Well, the last week of the dating and love based reality show witnessed a good amount of surprises and fun task to make show entertaining. The hunt for true love made three boys to compete with each other to secure their place in the Villa among other girls and boys. The fight, jealousy, backstabbing is all what we see in the show that make contestants go wild and get their crowns of being winners of the Villa.  The tasks are the best part of the show that gives the entertainment to audience while glamour is all round the corner with hosts like Ranvijay Singh and Sunny Leone. Check- MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3.

Let’s have a look what another episode has stored in it to add fun to the show. MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3 Sunny and Ranvijay

Watch Full MTV Splitsvilla Season 9 Episode 2 Review- Last Week Written Episode

The show began with three contestants who were in dumping zone Abhishek, Ishan Singh and Sushant out of which only one was suppose to come back in the villa. The girls were asked to vote for the one whom they did not wanted back in the villa and with all their powers they eliminated Sushant. Now in task only Ishan Singh and Abhishek were left who could make their way back to Splitsvilla.

The very first task of this season was called as Kiss or Smash task that was like who so ever would get more kisses from girl contestants was safe from being dumped while other had to go back. Abhishek finally got more kisses from girls and was saved while Ishaan lost the task and had to leave the villa. The next task took place at the swimming pool and was interesting as boys had to give coconut to the girls whom they thought were victims of their question making it funny. Lets see what will happen in MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3.

MTV Splitsvilla Season 9 Episode 3 Written Updates – Queen Bee

With episode 3 will begin the actual game in the villa among boys who this time cannot be the King of the villa. The fight and insecurity will be on hype as girl power will have to take the decision to nominate one contestant who they feel is unfit for the villa. The girls will name Abhishek sending him to dumping ground once again. Well, we will have to see who is the one getting eliminated. MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3 New Queen Task

Watch Online This week- MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 3  Task to be Princess

You might have heard of that queens are made up of sugar and spice, but it seems the queens or girls of the splitsvilla with their tough texture and fiery nature are going to prove this wrong.

This week in upcoming episode the villa will see its first ever task which will give the villa its first queen with no king. All the girls will gear up for their task named as Queen Bee to fight for the power to be vested in their hands alone.  According to the task the girls will have to choose their partners for the night and will have to compete against each other. They will have to pull each other out of the circle with full force and have to win for their place.

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After the task the girl who will win over all other with her full strength be crowned as the first queen. There will be another fighting task as well that will take place between boys.The task is going to be far more than just excitement and challenging too when girls will fight rigorously and with their full strength to be the first queen of villa and also the dumping ground too will be full of surprises. So stay updated only on MTV 25 June Saturday at 7 PM to witness the results.

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