Apple Hits at Li-Fi Support , Removal of 3.5MM audio Jack

Apple Hits at Li-Fi Support , Removal of 3.5MM audio Jack



Apple’s new flagslip cellphone likely to be called the iPhone 7,is widely reported to not release with the 3.5mm audio jack.Now company is now aming to release the iphone 7 with its own code of reported move.Also interestingly Apple seems to add the Li-Fi technology in it’s upcoming iPhone & iPod series.


According to a developer of Company latest will release with the iOS 9.3 beta 1.1 code. Interestingly , the developer has also gave refrence from it’s Twitter handle of Li-Fi in iOS 9.1 library cache, hinting that Apple may have plans to add support for the emerging technology to iOS.Li-Fi for those unware, is a technology similar to the Wi-Fi ,but uses visibe light or I-R rays to transmit the information. More significantly Li-Fi is more superior in Data Transmission in comparison with the Wi-Fi. According with the Some studies Li-Fi is upto 100 times faster than Wi-Fi.


Keep in mind that Li-Fi is still in the Development stages & it has a large number of limitations as well.for instance it requires both sender & receiver within the radius.


A number of reports have claimed that Apple intends to ditch the deacdes-old 3.5mm headphones jackport for the New iPhone. A report suggests that this allow the Apple to decrease the thickness of the Audio jack up to 1MM.

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