‘Google Soli’ Gadgets on your Gestures

‘Google Soli’ let you control your Gadgets from hand Gestures!


Google Soli

The most dynamic company over the decade is now working over a very new and fantastic project which will soon gonna  change the way humans take technology and looks up To.
Yes Google has now launched it new project called has 
"GOOGLE SOLI" after "Google Glass" and many more projects down the line .
Google has started working towards this project with this best research team exterise to give world a new shape and definition about the gestures and movements of humans. 
Google soli has the main aim to make the gestures of the hands t soo  fine that the macine and things 
should understand very well. “GOOGLE SOLI” will be soon to be in market towards the end of 2016 and in the early 2017. 
Google has lauchned this project with the team head under "IVAN POUPYREW" and his crew.
Ivan Poupyrev, the Technical Program Lead for the project, 
took the stage at Google  show off what his team was able to accomplish in less than a year since its creation and proposed to make it public. 
as soon as possible. 
Google’s Project Soli has invented a new interaction sensor using radar technology that can capture motions of your fingers at up to 10,000 frames per second.

Google's ATAP department is already testing hardware applications for the technology, including controls for digital watches, cellular device, radios and smart watches. 
The chips can be produced in large batches and built into devices and objects.
Google is so interested in this project as well other companies also have a keen interested to develop this kind of technology, as to give new tech featured to the
World "APPLE" was never back in this race. Apple is also looking forward towards this technology. 
When Apple launched its apple ‘iWatch’ then they were successful to a great extent to use and to develop this kind of technology and to give it to the world.
Some issues were to be faced by Apple in the development was same likely to be faced by Google said by Ivan. 

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