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Reliance Jio never forgets to surprise it’s users with innovative and cutting edge  features. If you wish to make a VoLTE call, but do not own a VoLTE phone, don’t be disappointed as Reliance Jio Infocomm has launched this amazing android application – ”JioJoin”. You can download JioJoin from Google Play store for free!

VoLTE technology is not so widespread in either India or the rest of the world. So the question might arise in your mind, what actually is VoLTE?

VoLTE is basically making calls over the internet. While there are many internet voice calling apps in the market today, they mainly use VoIP services, which are slower than data transfer over LTE(Long Term Evolution) services.

Telecom networks traditionally use circuit-switched voice network to make a calls but now VoLTE lets users make calls through internet network with LTE as the data bearer.

JioJoin provides you with a wonderful inteface to make HD VoLTE calls not only to other JioJoin users but also to other mobile/landline users. This feature makes JiJoin application stand out differently from all other applications (like Whatsapp, Line, Skype, Hike, Viber etc).

You can use this application in your 3G or even 2G phones with a connection to the JioFi device. This provides better quality voice calls because it has the ability to use voice and data network at the same time.Another remarkable fact is that 4G is already available in most smartphones in India!! To top it off, Reliance Jio 4G SIM services are available in around 64 handsets worldwide.

With the help of JioJoin, you can make crystal quality voice calls or even video calls to any mobile number or a landline number. You can use any data connectivity (Jiofi and Jio sim data) to use this application provided that you are connected to the Jio network, as this application is for the Jio customers only. You can use this application via two ways: either your device should have a Jio sim in it or you can use JioFi device containing Jio sim in it.


Jio Join Uses and Features – Reliance Jio 4G Specifications

Jio is basically considered new genre’s smart technology. The smart phones with Reliance Jio 4G sim and LTE features are in demand. Ever wonder what’s so different about this new thing? We are here to tell you that. Here are few key points –

  • If you have Jio sim in your mobile and using the same network then your dialer pad takes the default option i.e. there is no need to open the application separately.
  • For those who are using Jio Join application through JioFi device on some other network operator, a pop up appears every time you make a call from your default dialer pad offering you two options – use cellular network for normal calls or use Jio network for VoLTE calls.


The picture below shows much about the new specification features about the Reliance new JioJoin App!



JioJoin App– Additional Features

JioJoin application in Jio compatible phones has a Rich-call feature through which you can also send your location, photo or a brief message to the receiver so that he knows the subject of the call before picking it up. You can also mark a call as urgent for it to be answered on a high priority.

JioJoin also offers you a video calling feature in which you undergo a new and amazing video calling experience in the Jio compatible phones. You can connect upto 5 users for Video conferencing. The App layout is very simple and informative as it has all the options (mute and unmute the microphone or speaker, switch on/off the camera, call hold, pull up the dialer pad, send a text message, switch between front and back camera or attach and send a file) available on a single screen.

Another feature of this application is the messaging feature. You can send messages to both Jio and non Jio users. The layout of this feature is similar to the Jio chat application. You can send only messages to the non Jio users whereas you can send messages, emoji, photos, video, pdf and zip files to the Jio customers.


When you make a call to a non JioJoin customer from your JioJoin sim then normal tariff plans gets applied with no data consumption whereas in case of JioFi sim, normal data consumption will be implemented, though all the calls and messages to Jio Join users will be costless just as in all other applications.

Why Use JioJoin Application?

Well, it’s pretty clear that Reliance new JioJoin App has no competition in the market. Jio has tried to present every possible feature to its users. Here are some key features of the JioJoin App and the reason why one should go for it.

  • You can make HD VoLTE calls even with your non VoLTE phones (JioFi required)
  • You can make calls to both JioJoin and non JioJoin users (mobile and landline)
  • You can send a rich message which contains your location, photo and a brief message
  • You can also set subject and urgency for your call.
  • You can also make Video calls with upto 5 people in conference.


All data that is consumed while making any voice call to some non JioJoin numbers through VoLTE within the Jio network is apparently zero rated and the per minute or per second calling tariff will only apply just like any other regular GSM call and the same applies to all data consumed while sending or receiving SMS to some non JioJoin contacts. However while making any call through VoWiFi on a very third party non Jio WiFi network, subscribers may get charged for data consumed by its broadband provider. All instant text messages and calls to fellow Jio join users will be however free!!