Reliance Jio 4G Plans Reviews – Speed, Tariffs, Service


Since the day, Reliance has launched its 4G plans, there is a continuous doubting and questioning session on the authentication and the services available. Many of us are really astonished with the new plans of free services at one time cost, but above all, we all are scared of the hidden terms and conditions or may be the so called hidden charges!!

Well, to know the reality behind the Reliance Jio launch, here we are with a customer’s reviews on Reliance Jio. Read it and decide yourself if it’s worth it…

Reliance Jio Reviews By Real Time Customer:

Couple of day’s back, when I bought Samsung Galaxy A5, the retailer told me about Jio Preview offer. Initially, I was skeptical. Like any other person, I had the whys and how this is in place wondering if is a marketing gimmick. I thought of giving it a try.

Well, now that I have experienced it, I am sure it is not a marketing gimmick at all. The best part is, the entire process was a breeze. All I had to do was activate the Jio SIM by submitting minimal documents. Since then, I have been using Jio SIM to connect to my friends, share secrets with my 2 am friend, make calls, check updates and the list continues. According to me, Jio rocks!!!


Now if they are offering ‘free voice calls’ I am delighted. What more I can ask for. I feel safer as a woman. I need not bother about checking balance. Now that I have been using the Jio services, I am not questioning their network reach. The benefits are endless. I can call up my mom-dad, without bothering them to recharge my wallet (…..eventually the phone will get recharged). I don’t understand the complex technology, but the call experience is unbroken. It is like a WhatsApp call. For students like me, it is a boon.
So this was a happy customer’s reviews on the recently launched Reliance Jio. Clearly, it’s not at all a gimmick and worth a try. Get a Jio Sim and use all the available features before its late!! 🙂