CW The 100 Season 3 Torrent S03E16 19 May Episode 16, Spoilers, Reviews

Watch Online CW The 100 Season 3 Episode 16 S03E16. Also Download Torrent The 100 Episode S03E16 of Season 3 entitled as ‘Preserve Instantiation Part Two’ that Airs on 19 May.

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CW The 100 Season 3 S03E15 Episode 15 Review- Perverse Instantiation, Written Recap

In previous episode Raven got almost close to shutting down A L I E for a good intention when she actually discovered a switch that killed many. But A L I E disconnected it from the main central frame to get her to safety. Clarke was seen taking moment to herself while Roan tried to take away the flame from her.

In between their argument Clarke managed to explain Roan that the need is to get Ontari out of Polis that too without making A L I E aware of it. Therefore Clarke along with Roan, Bellamy and Octavia headed towards the mission to get Ontari leaving bunker.

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CW The 100 S03E16 Season 3 Episode 16 Written Episode, ‘Preserve Instantiation- Part II’ Spoilers, Updates

Taking account into the season’s epic conclusion it will be seen that  the heroes will finally realize that they need to come out the tragic situation and face reality which will be possible only when if they will stand together as one team. Clarke on the other hand will find a way so as to stop ALIE which she will do by going through the City of Light. However she will make a rescue plan if this doesn’t works she will not be able to escape the place. While Clarke will make her way to City of Light the team will have to suffer danger.

The 100 Season 3 will air at 9 Pm Thursday 19 may on The CW.

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